C++ Extraction Operator, getline and cin.ignore()

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Learn how the extraction operator and the getline function handles keyboard input and how the cin object allocates data into memory. Also learn how to use …

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  1. I'm in the week 7 of learning C++ and your video has given me a lot of useful information which I would like to thank you for. You made some really good points my lecturer never mentioned which has helped me to understand the solutions better!

  2. Why does the code work at the beginning? you entered “ggn” when prompted your name. Cin took gg and stored it into playerName. when it got to cin>>age wouldn’t it try to take in n instead of waiting for you to enter 5? I still don’t think I understand

  3. Initially when we give cin>>playername… Other than the issue with whitespaces…wouldn't the new line character still be stored in the cin object and cause problem in the second line of


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