Cities Skylines – ALL DLCs for FREE on Epic Games! [2021 Works!]

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Same vid but for Steam:

As long as it says it is not outdated in the title, then it’s not outdated.

Required downloads for the video
📁Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor v4 Screamapi:
– Mega:

– Mediafire:

C:Program FilesEpic GamesCitiesSkylines



My patreon:

My twitter:

My discord server:

Special thanks to: acidicoala for screamapi
Ridder for checking each id manually
B1nary Parr0t for being an awesome 10$ patreon ❤️
Kacper for being a 1$ patreon
Jaxs for being a 1$ patreon


📑If it doesn’t work try these solutions

0) Be sure your launcher is up to date! (Launch the launcher let it open for a while then restart it, you can see if it has more updates to do in the upper left corner. Do it until there are no updates left.)

1) Deactivate your antivirus

2) Redownload the files and redo the tutorial

3) Verify the game’s files then paste screamapi back in

4) Disable any mods you might have (as i can’t help you if it’s the fault of the mod)

5) Be sure you overwrote the old EOSSDK-Win64-Shipping (otherwise it won’t work)


If after trying everything and it still doesn’t work just come on my discord server:

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