Civilization VI – All DLCs for FREE on Steam/EGS! [Updated 27 February Works!]

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This tutorial is for people who bought the game on steam/egs but don’t want to spend 120 bucks on DLC.
(Works in multiplayer for both hosting and joining)

Required downloads for the video
📁Civ6 Vietnam v2 Creamapi+Screamapi:
– Mega:

– Mediafire:

📁Civ6 DLC:
– Mega:

– Mediafire:

– Torrent:

C:Program FilesEpic GamesSidMeiersCivilizationVI



My patreon:

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My discord server:

Special thanks to: acidicoala for screamapi
Christsnatcher for creamapi
B1nary Parr0t for being an awesome 10$ patreon ❤️
Eliasz for being a 4$ youtube supporter
Kacper for being a 1$ patreon
Jaxs for being a 1$ patreon

📑If it doesn’t work try these solutions

1) Deactivate your antivirus

2) Redownload the files and redo the tutorial

3) Verify the game’s files then paste screamapi/creamapi back in

4) Disable any mods you might have (as i can’t help you if it’s the fault of the mod)

5) Be sure you overwrote when asked (do it again if not sure)


If after trying everything and it still doesn’t work just come on my discord server:

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