Ijji Gunz Hacks [August 26 2011]

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Brief History about this video:

This video was uploaded onto Youtube on August 26, 2011 by PronessNoob (an alias of mine) and on the first day, it got over 130,000 views. Hah! I laughed, I uploaded it right before I fell asleep, when I woke up the next day, first I had lunch, then I looked at the view count and almost had a heart attack!

There were loads of comments and tons of links from outside sources, I don’t even know how they found the video, that was the first video I uploaded onto that account, yet it got so much attention for some reason. The same exact day, it was taken down by either Maeit or Ijji who filed a DMCA complaint against it. At first I thought it was taken down by SuperGinger, the creator of this remix of Gimme the Loot, so I sent him a message, he had nothing to do with it!

Anyway, long story short, here’s the video again for anyone who wanted to watch it after it was taken down. Now it’s back up, no DMCAs or anything, same exact video, but less views. Weird right?

Songs Used:
Gimme The Loot – SuperGinger Remix

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